Beat On Me (filk)

Beat On Me (filk)

introduced at Pennsic War XXXVII, August 2008

Lyrics By Sir Ian Edwardson

Sung to the tune of “Lean On Me” © Copyright
1972 Bill Withers

Some time in our lives
We had a dream
We call the SCA
And here in Caid
We all know why
All of us play

Beat on me
If you’re feelin’ strong
We both got sticks
Let’s get the fight on
For it won’t take long
To do your salutes
Someone call “Lay On”

If there is a blow
That you call light
No need to worry
I can always reload
We can still fight
I’m in no hurry

You just call on me, brother
If you’ve got rattan
We all need somebody
To beat on
If they’re not in the armor
They won’t understand
We all need somebody
To beat on


Please swallow your pride
If I’ve got the tape
You need to borrow
It’s okay to die
We all know that there’s
Fightin’ tomorrow




Beat on me (Lay on)
Beat on me (Lay on)
Beat on me (Lay on)
Beat on me (Lay on)

Note: “Let’s all have us some church!” … the words we often
shouted before singing this at Pennsic XXXVII, Aug 2008.

Please enjoy these tunes, and please obey copyright laws. These are put
here as a courtesy to share with you, not for the opportunity to abuse hospitality.
Thank you, everyone.

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